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"Where Real Cowboys Work and Play."  

The small town of fewer than 1,000 people and originally named by the settlers "Neversweat," due to the warm, dry winds that flowed across town.  Later being forced to change the name to what we know it today, Dubois.

Meet The Team

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Cynthia Starks

Founder, Head Photographer

Cynthia Starks is the founder and owner of Neversweat Photography, LLC. The business allows her to combine her love of people, photography, and the Old West to add a little more fun to the daily lives of her customers. Her goal is to have everyone who comes into her store leave with a smile and with new happy memories.

Cynthia studied photography in California and in New Hampshire. Early in her career, she began focusing her cameras to capture candid images of people to communicate our shared humanity and spirit – including in India, China, Tibet, and other countries around the world.


Since moving to Wyoming, she has focused on creating images of wildlife. Old Time Photos allows her to return to memorializing the best parts of the human spirit.

Cynthia and her husband operate a working cattle ranch and a working American Bison ranch in the Wind River Valley. Cynthia also is a member of the board of directors of the National Museum of Military Vehicles.

Melissa Claar-Reed

Studio Manager, Photographer

Melissa Claar-Reed is a photographer at Neversweat Photography, LLC. Melissa is the studio manager and is the full-time Executive Director of High Country Senior Citizens Center, a licensed non-profit operating to aide the elderly in the Dubois community.  Melissa has spent a vast majority of her adult life operating/managing businesses and non-profits in the State of Wyoming

Melissa is currently working on her Master’s degree in business management, is President of the Dubois PTA, Vice President of the Wyoming Association of Senior Program Directors (WASPD), and is an FTA certified Transportation Safety Instructor for the State of Wyoming.

Melissa, a Wyoming native, has discovered that photography has become a passion and she finds immense enjoyment in learning the technology, procedures, styles, and techniques required to discover the true essence of what a phot is destined to capture.  Melissa has a background in customer service and truly enjoys every single session with each person or group.  It is Melissa’s vision to continue to grow and sharpen her photography skills so that she can offer each customer the best possible experience.


Melissa truly believes that “You never know what to expect on the other end of the lens.  Every single session is special and you learn something from every single photo you take.”

Crystal Welch-Magana



Crystal Welch-Magana is a photographer at Neversweat Photography, LLC. Crystal is a part-time associate of the studio and works full time as Head Certified Nursing Assistant at Warm Valley Lodge, a care facility for the elderly and disabled in Dubois, Wyoming.  At only 21years of age, Crystal has already discovered that photography is something that she is destined to do for the rest of her life in some form.


Crystal’s extensive computer programming training gives her an edge in working with the proofing and editing of photos; aiding in their completion.  In addition to taking photos, Crystal has worked tirelessly to learn the software and technology utilized within the studio.  The enjoyment Crystal gets from working with the computers and state of the art printing technology has allowed her to become the “go-to” person in the studio for tech solving issues.  

Along with photo taking, Crystal is charged with uploading all images to Photo Events Plus for purchase by patrons of their session photos on merchandise and larger personalized prints.  Crystal enjoys working with the community and meeting new people, and photography sessions allow her to do just that.  Crystal is currently working on furthering her education and growing in the medical field and eventually becoming a registered nurse, but she will continue to take photos the entire duration of her journey.

Jessica Kelly


Jessica Kelly is a full-time photographer at Neversweat Photography, LLC.  Jess was raised in Northern California and fell in love with Wyoming when she and her family came on vacation.  Jess decided, with the support of her family, to make Wyoming her lifelong home and has been in Dubois for over ten years.

Jess has spent over twenty years of her life in customer service, with nearly a decade in management. In the early years of her life, Jess was often found volunteering with the Cloverdale, California American Legion with her grandparents and developed a passion for history and people.  In addition to volunteering, Jess was able to learn hair and makeup applications firsthand at the side of her mother who owned her own salon. 

Photography has always been something Jess enjoyed immensely. Having children of her own she fully understands how important it is to preserve family experience through the perfect photo. Jess is dedicated to learning and growth and wants all her customers to know that she will strive to make your photo experience exactly what you want.  Just remember when you come to a session with Jess you can count on one thing for sure…you will leave with a smile because her smile is absolutely contagious.


Madison Lesser

Photographer / Marketing


Maddie is a photographer at Neversweat Photography, LLC. Maddie was born and raised in Spokane, WA and recently moved to Dubois. She came and visited Dubois on vacation for a week and feel in love with the town. She is so excited to dive into photography and get to know the town of Dubois better. She has always been interested in photography and is very excited for this opportunity to learn more about it.


Maddie is also in charge of marketing and social media for Neversweat Photography. She will be posting updates and anything you’ll need to know on Facebook and Instagram. Maddie took a social media class while she was still living in Spokane to be up to date with all the current social media.


Maddie is so excited to be in Dubois! She can’t wait to meet everybody in town and everyone that stops by the studio!

Jennifer Flores


Jennifer Flores is a photographer at Neversweat Photography, LLC.  Jennifer was raised in Southern California and recently moved to Wyoming with the hope of capturing its natural beauty on camera.


Jennifer has been working since the age of 15. She’s done everything from fast food to retail, even volunteering at children’s institution for an extensive time. Now 23 and with 8 years of customer service experience under her belt, she’s hoping to brighten up the day of anybody that steps foot into the studio.


Before coming to Dubois, she had never worked with a professional camera but with the help of her coworkers, she has become quite the photographer. Like every other place she has worked at, Jennifer puts all of her passion into her projects. Not a single photo is taken without the precision and astounding attention to detail Jennifer possesses. Neversweat much like Dubois has made Jennifer feel honored to be apart of a community, surrounded by people that make her feel like family. 

Jennifer is also bilingual and she will obtain her bachelor sociology degree by the end of 2020.

124 E. Ramshorn 

Dubois, WY

M-S 10 AM - 6 PM (Summer 5/1/21)

T-S 10 AM - 6 PM (Winter)

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